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Street Dog Hero
Fiji Street Dog Heroes share our commitment to ending the suffering, starvation, and homelessness of street dogs across Fiji.
The Greater Good Fiji slide 2
The Greater Good Fiji slide 2

Become a Fiji Street Dog Hero with a regular donation and help end the suffering.

Fiji Street Dog Donating

Become a Fiji Street Dog Hero with a monthly donation

Your regular donation, whether large or small, means we can keep saving lives.

  • Help us to feed and care for over 200 homeless dogs every day – they have nowhere else to go.
  • Support our street dog neutering program – neutering just one female will prevent hundreds of unwanted puppies being born by the roadside to a life of suffering.
  • Provide funds for urgent veterinary treatment for injured and abused dogs.
  • Support our community program giving families in hardship the help they need to feed and care for their pets. This keeps pets in homes and prevents more abandoned animals on the streets.
Fiji Street Dog Volunteering

Become a Fiji Street Dog Hero by volunteering or caring for street dogs

Every caring and compassionate person in Fiji can make a difference.

Contact us for information on:

  • Volunteering to take part in our street dog feeding program or helping to transport dogs for medical care.
  • Feeding and caring for street dogs in your neighbourhood.
  • Letting us know if you see abuse or abandoned animals that need help.